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        Living Their Dream

Thanks to high school sponsors,
13 grateful students will take
this year's KCSE national exams
More than 90% of KSHP sponsored
students qualify for university
scholarships.  A double return on
a sponsor's high school support.

Sponsors empower a child's life
through Education.

Be a KSHP sponsor in 2015.

      New enrollments now open.

Click Education and see the
difference you can make.



Girls Club Debates Begin 

Representatives from eight Girls Clubs competed in their first debate: "Should girls be treated the same way as boys?"  The winners received paper and pencils for their school's club activities.

Debate topics require planning and research - and help girls sharpen their public speaking skills.

Welcome to the Kenya Self Help Project

OUR MISSION is to help school-aged children in Western Kenya overcome poverty through two essential elements: education and empowerment.  Our programs are designed to improve school attendance and strengthen self-reliance.  We accomplish this through . . .

  • Scholarship Resources

Provide secondary school scholarships to motivated, hardworking students who have no other resources to draw upon. Priority is given to orphans.

  • Girls Empowerment

Monitor and financially sustain a structured Mentorship Program in primary schools. Girls’ Clubs provide a safe and secure forum for girls to learn critical life skills and coping strategies that help them resist and overcome impediments to continuing their education. An essential component is the distribution of sanitary provisions that ensure girls are able to attend school throughout their monthly menstrual cycle.

  • Primary School Resources

Work with school officials to identify and provide needed resources, such as textbooks, to improve performance and high school eligibility.

  • Water and Sanitation

Cultivate community involvement in the building and maintenance of new gender sensitive latrines and hand washing stations at primary schools.

  • Community Education

Engage and educate community leaders, school officials, governmental officers, and parents or guardians on the importance of integrating local traditions into a contemporary worldview.