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High School Graduates
Win University Scholarships

Congratulations to fourteen
sponsored students who
graduated high school
with honors this year.

Thirteen standouts captured
full university scholarships!

Hurray for them - and hurray
for their sponsors, who gave
a child opportunity to learn.

Thank you, sponsors!


Kids Win the Gold
Olympic Challenge: BOOKS! 

1,725 books will be a permanent
resource at 23 Kendu Bay
primary schools.

Barriers collapse - 11,500 children
now have tools to learn to read.

That makes us all winners! 


Our Sponsor-a-Student program provides high school scholarships to high-achieving orphaned and disadvantaged youth in Rachuonyo district of Kendu Bay. Its purpose is to give the region's most capable destitute students access to educational opportunity so they may lead the way in their community's future development.

Sponsors are linked to individual students, who benefit from a comprehensive scholarship/social empowerment program. A sponsorship provides a network of services for school fees, room & board, books & school supplies. Each student receives mentoring, home & school visits, life skills education & leadership training, term break tutoring and medical & personal support integral to helping each sponsored student be socially and academically successful.

Secondary schools in Kenya are private and most are boarding schools. For rural families living on less than $2/day a high school education is out of reach for even the brightest child. A sponsorship extends a lifeline to a student in Kendu Bay, where two-thirds of students eligible to join high school lack financial ability to pay the required school fees. Our scholarship program serves this population and its most capable students.

Education Transforms Lives: One Girl's Profile

BelindaBelinda Atieno Ochieng is a partial orphan and youngest of three children.  Her mother died five years ago when Belinda was age ten.  Her father, a day laborer, could not support the family, so Belinda was taken out of school and sent to live with an aunt in Kisumu.  Belinda describes this period in her life as the most difficult.  Though she yearned to continue in school, her aunt forced Belinda to sell vegetables at her market stall.  This kept Belinda out of primary school for nearly a year.  Sympathetic neighbors helped her to escape and Belinda went to Kendu Bay to live with her grandmother, where she went back to school through grade 8.  Belinda's strong performance on the KCPE exams drew her an invitation to Kaimosi Girls, a top ranking provincial high school.  Belinda has no family resources to pay her school fees.  A Texas family is sponsoring Belinda's high school education.

GOAL: $1,500 full sponsor     
           $ 750 co-sponsor

More than 100 students from Rachuonyo district apply for KSHP high school scholarships each year. Only TWELVE students - the most capable and most needy - will receive scholarships and become part of our KSHP family of students. Each recipient is linked to a specific sponsor who will partner with 'their' student throughout the high school years. Sponsors enable a student to study and board at a provincial or national high school to which they have been "called." Personal letters and term grade reports are shared three times/year and periodic updates keep sponsors informed of their student's progress. Sponsors also receive family information and school visit reports.  Sponsors and students often establish lifelong bonds.


2004   1 sponsored student
2005   3 students
2006   11 students
2007   23 students
2008   42 students
2009   59 students
2010   68 students
2011   64 students
2012   73 students
2013   78 students
2014   81 students        

FACT:  More than 80% of KSHP sponsored students graduate with honors and receive tuition-free university educations. A double return from a sponsor's early partnership and caring.