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BOOKS! Campaign 

Kenya's primary schools receive 35-50¢ per child per term for textbooks
and class readers.

Total government support for schools = $1.90 per child per year
Cost of one Math book = $6.50

The problem is in the math.

BOOKS! campaign is dedicated to supplying critical learning materials for our 23 partner schools. Your contributions make a visible difference. Performance scores are rising. Enrollment has increased. Girls are staying in school. We are helping to improve the futures of an entire generation.

This year, we target core subject textbooks: MATH, SCIENCE and ENGLISH.

All donations through May 15th will be dedicated to this special BOOKS! campaign.

Our goal: 10 copies of core subject textbooks per school

Your help will make a world of difference for Kendu Bay children.


What We Do

Our Sponsor a Student program provides scholarships to orphaned and disadvantaged youth for access to high school education through a Sponsor a Student program.

Students are carefully selected based on achievement and need and matched with individual sponsors.  Sponsored students receive a network of services including school fees, room & board, books & school supplies.  The program provides mentoring & home/school visits, life skills education & leadership training, term break tutoring, and medical & personal support integral to helping each student be socially and academically successful.

Our Girls Social Empowerment program partners with local schools where program-supervised Girls Clubs serve as a vehicle for instruction and sharing. Weekly meetings and activities help build girls' self confidence and decision-making skills and provide health and AIDS prevention education.  To reduce absence during monthly periods, girls receive 'Dignity Kits' containing underwear and locally-made reusable sanitary napkins. Our girls social empowerment includes the participation and education of boys and the community at large.

Our Water & Girls Latrines initiative is dedicated to improving sanitary conditions at local primary schools. The purpose is two-fold: to provide safe, clean and private toilet and hand washing facilities for girls; and to raise community awareness and promote equal education for girls.  To implement this initiative, we forge partnerships with local school communities who participate in the planning, construction and maintenance of the facilities.

Community partnership and participation are integral to every program.